Ergonomic Grip

Protect your hand from potential injury when using a key to fend off an attacker.

Compact Patented Design

A high-impact design that’s about the size of a car fob.

Multi-Grip Options

Quick release spring for multiple comfortable and effective grips.


Easy to transport on a keychain, in a purse or in your pocket and can go where other self-defense tools can't.


We make practical self-defense products that can be used by everyone and can go everywhere.

  • "It is perfect for me now that I live in the city and makes me feel better knowing I can walk with it and be able to defend myself if needed."

    Chelsie C.

  • "The Peace KEYper is a PERFECT personal protection tool with MULTIPLE uses."

    Jermaine Andre'

  • "I LOVE my Peace KEYper! It's super simple to use, which is important because you don't always have time to think in panic mode."

    Rebecca D.