Our Story


Late one night while walking from the car to his apartment building, Inventor Ryan Dean, got that uneasy feeling you get when someone is watching you. Trying to play it off, he kept heading towards his building, but on the inside, all he could think was ”this is how I die!”. Instinctively, he gripped what he had on hand, his keys.

Ready to attack, Ryan made it to his apartment without the need to but this experience made him wonder how effective a key would be in the event he DID need some protection. 


After some research, Ryan discovered this method of holding your key was commonly used but often the impact and sharp edges of the key resulted in self inflicting injuries to the hands and fingers including lacerations and even broken bones.

Recognizing the value a key that’s already on hand, could be improved for self-defense, he went to the drawing board.


After numerous design iterations and continuous feedback from friends, family and self-defense experts, Ryan recruited the help of Christian Brown to design and manufacture Peace KEYper.