Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

What is a Peace KEYper?

Peace KEYper is a new way to use turn your old-fashioned key into a self-defense tool perfect for any type of situation.Created for the everyday person, the ergonomic design allows you to wield your key as weapon without causing damage to your hand. 

Can't I just use my keys the way they are?

When using your normal key as a self-defense tool, you can severely damage your hand. There are dozens of reports from people breaking their fingers or cutting their hand so badly that they need stitches when using a normal key as a weapon.

It seems a little bulky...how big is it? 

Peace KEYper is approximately 2.4” x 2.1” x 0.4” (about the size of a car fob). Compared to your standard key, this is a bit bulky. Compared to other self-defense aids, this is generally smaller.

The reason for the added size is to increase comfort and reach as well as to accommodate various different key sizes. 

Will my key fit?

Peace KEYper was designed to work with all standard house keys. If you have a key that isn’t standard, send us picture of your key and we’ll do our best to create a design that works for you.


Can I remove my key once I add it in?

Yes. We designed the Peace KEYper so you can easily switch out keys as needed.

Will this prevent me from using my key to open the door?

No. Peace Keyper was designed to compliment your current lifestyle, which means it won’t hinder you from using your keys as normal.

Is Peace KEYper 100% waterproof?

Yes. Peace KEYper is 100% waterproof. 

Does Peace KEYper come in different colors, styles or patterns?

Peace KEYper is only available in black at the moment but we plan to release a variety of colors and patterns in the future. Want one in your favorite color?

Purchasing Questions

Can I bulk order units for my organization?

Yes. send us picture of your key

Can I order custom units for my organization?

Yes. send us picture of your key